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36 % percent water cost saving !

Communities which has water meters save 36 % percent water after installing water meters. If we don't know how much we are consuming, it is more or less how will be save ?! Once we start metering the saving starts happening not for one day but forever !

10-20 % savings on Electricity !

Energy needed to pump the water from borewells to water treatment plants to homes, and then from running the STP pumps and motors is all saved when less water is consumed.

100 % Fair !

80 percent of the community residents generally use the average consumption or less than the average consumption. It is the naughty 20 % that over consume. Are we paying the bill of this unnecessary over consumption. Water metering means accountability.

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Mobile App, Completely Wireless, Costs Less !

You don't need to invest in any software, completely transparent, fair and billing system for water measurement system is delivered without any headache. When we get a World-Class, Cutting Edge product with a Network that has plenty of other benefits, don't we want to know more ?! Call or Email to get the best deal !

Discover the features

Modern Cutting Edge, Certified in Europe

B-IOT uses the latest modern Ultrasonic, completely wireless, Safety Certified water meters. It is CE certified product, indicating conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards. It is also Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) and ACS (French Drinking Water) certified, safe product with the following excellent features.

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B-IOT's WaterBee Metering Solutions

Main Reason, We will help you Save Money, Save Water and thereby Save Earth ! B-IOT's team of engineers, technicians, plumbers and support personnel are dedicated to help you in this, it's our passion ! Make a call and find out how we can help you. Below are some of the best reasons for you to chose our WaterBee metering solution !

We have no hidden costs. We have fully transparent solutions and our team will explain all details clearly and help you make the right decision.

B-IOT's team of technicians will execute the project on time and we will be on our way for a 100 % fair water billing system with WaterBee metering solution

B-IOT's support team will stand by you in our mission to save water one meter and one drop at a time, it's our passion to save you money by saving water !