Ultrasonic WaterBee Meter, Precise and Modern.

No Mechanical Moving Parts, No rusting, No breakdown. No drop in pressure for measurement

Mechanical Water Meter will be obsolete in 2 years

Mobile App

B-IOT WaterBee metering systems come with B-IOT developed mobile app for monitoring your water usage.   You can know the water consumption on a hourly basis, trend analysis. Rest assured we will give you all the tools to Save Money, Save Water !

Completely Wireless

There will be no data cables, no power cable dangling around. Nobody accidentally cutting off the cables, as your B-IOT WaterBee meter is completely free and wireless but very disciplined in sending hourly and precise water consumption data. B-IOT WaterBee meters are powered by special Lithium Ion batteries. The battery power is optimized by special algorithms to minimize power and maximize performance. The B-IOT batteries are rated to last for 16 years. Long Live Freedom from Wires ! Long Lives WaterBee!

Small Size, Big Warranty !

B-IOT WaterBee meters are the size and roughly the weight of an apple.

B-IOT WaterBee meters comes with a big 36 months manufacturer's warranty. 

Safety Certifications

B-IOT uses the Safety Certified water meters. It is CE certified product, indicating conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards. It is also Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) and ACS (French Drinking Water) certified, safe product with the following excellent features.

World Wide IOT Complaint Protocols

B-IOT uses water meters with world wide accepted protocols. This means that the wireless network developed and maintained by B-IOT will be able to support future additions of other applications such as light sensor, vehicle speed sensors and other Internet of Things (IOT). B-IOT systems are future ready !

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B-IOT's WaterBee Metering Solutions

Main Reason, We will help you Save Money, Save Water and thereby Save Earth ! B-IOT's team of engineers, technicians, plumbers and support personnel are dedicated to help you in this, it's our passion ! Make a call and find out how we can help you. Below are some of the best reasons for you to chose our WaterBee metering solution !

We have no hidden costs. We have fully transparent solutions and our team will explain all details clearly and help you make the right decision.

B-IOT's team of technicians will execute the project on time and we will be on our way for a 100 % fair water billing system with WaterBee metering solution

B-IOT's support team will stand by you in our mission to save water one meter and one drop at a time, it's our passion to save you money by saving water !

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