How will water metering save me money ?

We are all paying for water consumption, either through water tankers, bore-wells dug, maintenance of bore-well, electricity expense. When you know how much we are using through the water meter, we can share the expense as per our usage

You are right, most of us generally don't waste water, but we end up paying for people who do, is it not better for all of us to pay for what we use ? If you use less water, pay less, if I use more, I pay way more !

Based on historical data, customers are able to save on a average 36 % water usage. After water meter installation the maintenance amount will be reduced for you because not only water but electricity consumption for community will also be reduced by about 10-20 %


Water Metering, is it possible in my aparment ?

Yes, it is very much possible to have water meters for your aparment. With B-IOT WaterBee metering solution, it is cheaper too. We install water meters at every inlet and don't have to rework the plumbing lines. Also since the B-IOT WaterBee is completely wireless, there is no electrical or data wiring required for installation.

B-IOT WaterBee is cheaper as it does not require reworking of plumbing lines. Water Metering is cheaper over long run as you will pay for water that you use. Your maintenance bills will be reduced forever. Imagine in the years to come, water will become even more scarce and even more expensive. Will we continue paying for years to come without knowing how much we are using ?

B-IOT WaterBee water metering is an automated water metering system. Water meter readings are delivered to the B-IOT WaterBee Mobile App on an hourly basis. Not only you don't have to hire anyone for meter reading, you get to know how much water is consumed on a hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis


Why B-IOT WaterBee Water Meters ?

There are plenty of reasons, here are some of them

1. B-IOT WaterBee is a Ultrasonic water meter, it is more accurate and no mechanical moving parts, no wear and tear, and no loss of water pressure. Mechanical water meter will be obsolute in 2 years time.

2. B-IOT WaterBee is completely wireless watermeter and fully automated. There will be no data cable dangling around.

3. B-IOT WaterBee is light and size and weight of an apple. It does not put undue weight and stress on the plumbing pipelines.

4. B-IOT WaterBee watermeters are CE certified in Europe, indicating conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards. It is also Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) and ACS (French Drinking Water) certified, safe product with the following excellent features.

5. B-IOT WaterBee meters comes with a big 36 months manufacturer's warranty.

6. B-IOT WaterBee comes with Mobile App for monitoring your water usage on an hourly basis. It is a completely automated, easy to use completely taken care of system.

7. B-IOT provides complete support for all aspects of the B-IOT WaterBee monitoring system. Save your money and saving water is our passion !

8. B-IOT uses water meters with world wide accepted protocols. This means that the wireless network developed and maintained by B-IOT will be able to support future additions of other applications such as light sensor, vehicle speed sensors and other Internet of Things (IOT). B-IOT systems are future ready !