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Save Money,Save Water !

Why should we start metering water usage ? 

Simply, if we don't know how much we are using how will save water ! Water is a depleting resource world over. Cape Town in South Africa has been very close to DAY ZERO. If we don't save water, there will be none for future generations. In addition, currently how we pay for water usage is not based on actual usage. We are all paying for someone's unnecessary wastage of water.

Would it not be fair, if we all pay as per our usage. If you use less pay less, if I waste more, I pay way more !

Save Money, Save Water !

How to Save Money, Save Water !

Assume if your apartment, villa, individual layout water cost is Rs 100,000 per month. This includes cost of water tankers, borewell digging, maintenance of borewell pumps, Running STP, Water Treatment Plants (WTP), maintenance of WTP equipment, electricity needed to run the pumps. This includes seasonal variations and one time expenses which are averaged out over time. 

When you install B-IOT water meter, we expect that you would be able to save 36 percent of the water cost. That calculates to Rs 36,000 saved on the water cost. The Rs 36,000 is saved off your monthly maintenance costs. This saving is forever. Month after month, this is how the B-IOT water meter will help you save money ! The 36 percent figure is arrived at by empirical evidence shared by customers. In some cases some communities have saved 40 percent, so the figure is a average savings expected.

When we save on the water usage then we will save on the electricity needed to run the motors and pumps. It is estimated the savings of electricity is between 10-20 %. If the average electricity bill for your community is Rs 200,000 then the expected savings is minimum Rs 20,000 per month. 

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